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12 Types of Commercial Glass

If you're a contractor or architect involved in commercial building design in the Portland, Oregon area, you're likely aware of how the choice of glass can significantly impact your project's financial outcome. Regardless of your budget or business type, there's a suitable commercial glass option for you. 


Here are the 12 types of commercial glass you should consider when planning your next project.


Commercial Glass Varieties

Insulated Glass

   Insulated glass is designed to minimize heat transfer and enhance energy efficiency. Multiple glass layers contribute to its strength and durability, making it a common choice in commercial and industrial settings. By employing two or three glass panes separated by a spacer and filled with inert gasses like argon or krypton, it effectively reduces energy costs and regulates temperature, benefiting businesses in all seasons.


Low-Emissivity Glass (Low-E)

   Low-E glass is energy-efficient glass coated with an invisible layer of metal oxide. This coating blocks harmful UV and infrared rays while allowing visible light to enter. Ideal for businesses in colder climates, it keeps interiors warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, it reduces glare and safeguards furniture and carpets from fading.



   Plexiglass, an acrylic glass type, is shatter-resistant and a safer, more durable alternative to traditional glass. It's a smart choice for businesses dealing with hazardous materials or where shatter-resistant glass is legally mandated.


Laminated Glass

   Laminated glass combines two or more glass layers with a plastic interlayer, resulting in exceptional strength. It's commonly used in hurricane-resistant windows and suits businesses in storm-prone areas.


Annealed Glass

   Annealed glass undergoes heat treatment to enhance strength and durability, making it suitable for applications like bulletproof windows and windshields. It's an excellent choice when shatter-resistant glass is needed.


Tempered Glass

  Tempered glass, another heat-treated option, offers superior strength compared to annealed glass. Its safety features make it a common choice for shower doors and car windshields.



   Reflective mirrors are often used for decorative purposes or to create the illusion of more space. They add a unique touch to decor and are ideal when space is limited.


Fire Rated Glass

   Fire-rated glass is heat-resistant and designed to withstand high temperatures. It's typically used in fire doors and windows, ensuring safety for businesses requiring shatter-resistant glass.


Clear or Transparent Glass

   Clear glass, the most versatile and budget-friendly option, can be used for various purposes, from windows to display cases.


Tinted or Coated Glass

    Tinted glass reduces glare and protects against UV rays, offering privacy benefits. Coated glass boasts durability and scratch resistance, making it a valuable choice.


Frosted Glass

    Frosted glass provides a unique aesthetic and privacy by diffusing light and obstructing visibility.


Safety Glass

    Safety glass is essential for businesses dealing with hazardous materials and may be required by local regulations in some areas. Always check local regulations when choosing this glass type.

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