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Office Building

commercial glass installation and repair in the Portland Metro area

Bridge City Glass is a complete glass Replacement and installation company, serving property managers and all commercial customers for all their glass needs.


Whether it is new or replacement glass,  building remodel, or new construction, no problem. If it has glass, we can do it! Give us a call to see how we can help you. 

Contact us for all your needs - (503) 862-7911

New Storefront

If you are looking to give your storefront a new look, maybe fix some broken glass or even get rid of the old-looking storefront you have. Bridge City Glass offers services from complete renovations and new storefronts. 

Bridge City Glass offers a complete suite of tools and engineering services to assist in proper system selection, specification, and installation, get in touch with us today and learn how we can transform your building space!






We offer a fast repair services for broken glass on windows and doors. We repair and replace a variety of glass systems. We pride ourselves in being quick easy and convenient for commercial needs. 

  • Storefront

  • Punch Openings

  • Commercial Glass


Mirrored walls visually expand rooms more than any other element that you could add. They magnify natural light, helping to completely transform a room.

  • Gym mirrors

  • Hospitality Industry 

  • New commercial constructions 

Frameless glass door Commercial


Modern, sleek, and gorgeous movable interior glass wall systems optimize your employee's workspace. Harvest the benefits of natural daylight and create healthy work environments that improve staff productivity and confidence.


We make sure to help you install beautiful glass walls, partitions, doors, and more to help you design a modern layout. Get in touch with us today to learn the value we can add to your commercial space. 


We can install a variety of commercial doors for your business, from warehouse doors, pedestrian doors, loading docks, and more. Our experienced team of technicians is available for all types of door installations.

We also offer new Door Closers. This will allow doors to close smoothly and operate as if it was a new door.

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safety films are tinted to provide additional sun-related benefits, beyond ultraviolet protection. These films include a metalized layer of polyester, sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals for exceptional, solar control performance capabilities and color. In addition to glass retention, they’re selected for their ability to offer privacy, balance
temperatures, minimize eye-straining glare, and help preserve furnishings and merchandise.


Protect your occupants and property while keeping them fresh and comfortable, plus yield significant energy consumption.

Why choose us?

Our Highly Experienced Staff

Bridge City Glass has three generations of experience.  They will make sure to provide exceptional service.

Our Prices Are Very Competitive

We shop around too.  We make sure that we are always offering the best prices for the best quality you deserve.

Quality Workmanship

Accurate, neat, attentive to detail, consistent, and thorough.
We will treat your home as if it was ours.

learn more!

At Bridge City Glass safety is a top priority for every job. Our glaziers are skilled, insured professionals who will make certain that every precaution is taken to avoid further damage to your home or property. Not only do we as a company prioritize safety when installing glass, but we also look to help our customers make their homes safer. 

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