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Benefits of Installing New Glass for rental property in Tualatin, Oregon

When you're looking for new renters, managing a rental property may become a full-time job. Among other things, you must prepare the units for showings, which includes repairs and maintenance, list your leasing on rental search platforms, and process applicants.

If you haven't changed your property glass in a decade or so, it's time to do so for a variety of reasons, including those listed below.

Increase property value

Major additions such as all new exterior dual-pane windows, new glass tub and shower enclosures, and new glass kitchen cabinets, can significantly increase your value if you choose to sell or trade your rental property. If you need to make repairs to your property before showing it to prospective tenants, you can deduct some of the cost from your proposed monthly rent. When you replace outdated cabinet glass with robust, crystal clear panes, your tenants will appreciate it.

Keep out sound and extreme temperatures

Your tenants may be subjected to noisy ambience depending on the location of your home. Properties near freeways, near downtown areas, or in the heart of a city will benefit greatly from updated, high-quality glass. Dual-pane windows with airtight sealing are the most effective technique to provide renters with a comfortable interior environment.

Attract prospective tenants

Rents are normally lower in the winter and higher in the summer, so interest in your home may fluctuate. If you’re in an area that’s hard pressed to find tenants because of high competition, new glass can increase interest and make you stand out to people looking for a maintained and appealing property. If you're getting applications from people who don't meet your income guidelines, new glass can send a signal to more qualified tenants.

Lower energy bills

If you're footing the bill for your tenants, installing excellent glass can help you save money on energy. If your tenants are responsible for energy payments, newer and more energy-efficient glass can reduce living costs while also making your property more appealing. Call our glaziers today! They will make sure to provide the safest solutions and installations for your glass in Tualatin, Oregon abd surrounding areas!

Add a special touch to your property

If your rental property has multiple units or is a house, customized glass in a variety of colors and textures can make it stand out. People looking for overnight accommodations will be drawn to vacation rentals, which will enhance their experience and provide excellent backdrops for photos, videos, and memories. And if you live on the property and rent out a room or an attached building, you'll get to see the windows every day.

Bridge City Glass - Residential and Commercial Glass repair and installation in Portland, Oregon

Bridge City Glass delivers high-quality commercial and residential glass services. Contact us today for a free quote on installing new glass on your rental property and finding out how you can increase the value of your property while attracting tenants.

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