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Renovating a Bathroom for your house in Portland? Consider These Shower Upgrades

Bathroom Renovations - Bridge City Glass

One of the most crucial rooms in your house is the bathroom. It performs the dual role of being useful, trendy, and attractive all at the same time. Whether you're thinking about improving or totally remodeling your bathroom, here are some shower upgrade ideas to consider.

Shower Doors Custom Made

If you're upgrading your shower as part of your home improvement project, why not go all out and make your design stand out? Bridge City Glass enables you to design your own custom shower doors and panels. We have the experience and abilities to manage any concept, regardless of what you want or how creative you want to become.

Upgrading your shower doors to custom Bridge City Glass shower panels will help boost the value and appeal of your home. Custom shower doors are the way to go if you plan on selling your home in the future or simply want to enjoy it for yourself.

Shower Enclosure with No Frame

If you're stuck for bathroom makeover ideas and don't want to get too far into custom shower door designs, there are lots of other wonderful solutions to consider. The frameless shower enclosure is one example. This sleek and stylish enclosure makes your bathroom appear larger and more roomy. There are no pillars or frames in a frameless shower enclosure, it seems much more open than a standard shower design. It also gives the design an appealing, sophisticated appearance.

Glass Enclosure with a Half Wall

Consider a half wall enclosure if you enjoy the notion of a frameless shower enclosure but don't want to feel as exposed. A solid wall around 3-4 feet high and then glass the rest of the way up is used in this sort of bathroom shower makeover. A half-wall enclosure is a great solution to keep your shower looking modern and open while offering more seclusion and less exposure.

Shower Door Made of Glass

A glass shower barrier is comparable to a sliding glass door in a bathroom. A glass shower curtain is made from a glass divider. It not only keeps water inside the shower enclosure, but it also makes your bathroom feel more open. This form of divider also adds a modern and sheek design element to your bathroom shower makeover.

Styles of glass

One of the benefits of working with Bridge City Glass for your bathroom shower remodel is the ability to select any design style and pattern for your new shower. We can hel vision for a frosted bathroom door, a glass tile bathroom, or something altogether different. We have several different shower designs and types to pick from. We can handle it all, whether you want your shower to appear like something out of a design magazine or want a more quiet, yet fashionable hideaway. We can even provide you with a combination of the two if that is what you are searching for. If you're not sure what you want, our talented design staff can assist you.

Bridge City Glass can also assist you with all of the little things! Choosing handles, knobs, and door frames, for example. We offer a broad range of options, from glass shower doors that are so transparent you can scarcely see them to frosted glass for enhanced privacy.

Professional Consultation and Installation

Bridge City Glass can help you bring your design ideas to reality, whether you're planning an update or a full-scale bathroom overhaul. Our creative ideas and personalized installation may help elevate your bathroom from ordinary to spectacular. Call us at 503-862-7911 or visit us online now to learn more or to get started!

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